Transfers and Switch Bids: A User Guide for the Ambitious

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Transfers and switch bids are now a mainstream part of bridge bidding, and a vital element in ensuring that a partnership reaches the right contract. This book examines in detail many of the various situations in which they may be used and offers recommendations for their integration into your bidding system. Some of these ideas, such as Jacoby transfers in response to 1NT, will no doubt be familiar to most readers, but there will be others, for example transfer doubles, that will probably be new.

While this book is targeted mainly at the multitude of bridge enthusiasts who are looking to develop their bidding methods based on those of top-class experts, it is hoped that even experienced tournament players will find some interesting ideas here. All will find plenty of material for consideration and discussion with their regular partners. In order to consolidate any new ideas that the reader may wish to adopt, each chapter of this user guide concludes with a quiz, enabling him or her to check their understanding of the proposed methods.

As with all advances in bidding theory, there are trade-offs in the use of transfers and switch bids. In order to give a complete picture, advice is given as to how to compete effectively against transfers when they are used by the opponents, and the book also compares transfer methods with non-transfer alternatives when appropriate to do so.

The author is a contributor of original theoretical articles to various bridge magazines, including “The Bridge World” (USA), and “Bridge Magazine” (UK). He learnt to play bridge as a teenager and showed sufficient aptitude for the game to win the England Schools championship some eighteen months later. Now working his way up to Grand Master status, he represented Yorkshire when younger, and more recently has played for Berks & Bucks.


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