Modern Bridge: Bidding and Play of the Hand


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This text offers instructors everything they need in a course for new students or experienced players who want to learn modern bridge.

Bridge Students:

Modern Bridge carefully explains the rationale and principles behind each bidding and play guideline. Most books merely present these guidelines as facts. This understanding will make it easier to remember the guidelines. You will be better prepared to handle the enormous number of different situations that cannot be covered in any text.

After just seven chapters you’ll be ready to start playing in most social bridge settings. The last half of the book introduces you to more sophisticated material which prepares you to play with more experienced players. Exercises appear after each new topic so you can ensure that you understand before going on to the next topic.

Experienced Players:

This is your opportunity to learn the current American standard the right way - with real understanding of the various bidding and play guidelines. Each chapter contains more than the basic material. The last seven chapters cover more advanced topics such as cue bids, slam bidding, and related conventions.

Bridge Instructors:

Modern Bridge contains all of the ingredients you need for your class: a great text for your students, sample hands to exercise the topics you just introduced, and lesson plans you can shape to your own style of teaching. Four complete hands with bidding and play commentary (or more appropriate exercises in a few cases) are included at the end of each chapter. Lesson plans for each chapter are available for download. You can use them as they are or modify them to suit your preference.


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