Let’s Play Better Bridge.

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This handy top-pocket sized booklet will get you started playing Bridge and provide a complete, integrated bidding system. Try to use all of it, though the conventions: Michaels, Unusual-NT, Cappelletti, Negative Doubles, and the Transfers, can each be added as and when you feel comfortable with them. Just keep in mind that their use will deny you the use of the ‘natural’ bid that the Convention bid replaces.
A Strong 2 Club opening with Weak 2s and weak overcalls characterize the basic system. Opening shape in a Suit is defined by only opening, in order of preference: 5+cards in the Majors, 4+cards in the Diamonds, and 2+cards in Clubs.
My objective in writing this booklet is to provide a very competitive system which will get you to the right contract, challenge the opposition, and most importantly ensure a lot of fun even on those days when it appears that you ‘didn’t get any cards.’

Let’s play Better Bridge,
Ron Knight


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