Cuebidding in Competitive Auctions: Winning Bridge

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Cuebidding in Competitive Auctions
Winning Bridge Conventions Series eBooklet

Bridge students quickly discover that 'basic' bidding' will only get them so far. If they really want to improve, it is necessary to master a certain number of bidding conventions, and be prepared both to play them and play against them. This ebooklet covers the Cuebidding in Competitive Auctions convention.

eBooklets on Competitive Bidding

Weak Two Bids
Preemptive Bidding
Michaels Cuebid
Unusual 2NT
Sandwich NT
Unusual vs. Unusual
Cuebidding in Competitive Auctions
Good/Bad 2NT

These ebooklets may be purchased as a single volume in digital or paper format under the title Competitive Bidding, one of eight books in Patty Tucker's Winning Bridge Conventions Series.


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