Ace 100% Plastic Playing Cards _ Bundle of 6 Decks _ Plus 6


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These deluxe all plastic playing cards are perfect for your favorite card games. This is a bundle of six decks of playing cards. Three have Red backing and three decks have blue backing. All plastic playing cards are very durable. (NOT plastic coated) Impervious to moisture and fraying at edges. Easy to clean if you eat pizza while playing cards. Great for camping, boating, hiking.

Ace all plastic playing cards have a very fine texture to the surface. Makes them great for fanning, shuffling, cutting and dealing. The feel is not overly slick. Cards do not become unmanageable. While one cannot fold the cards in half, they have great flexibility and bounce back when handle by players with fidgety fingers.

ACE all plastic playing cards are a great value when compared to much more expensive KEM or COPAG brands. While not the exact quality they are about 1/3 the cost of these premium brands. They will last equally long under the exact same amount and style of play.

Bonus Six standard white 5/8" dice with color-coded pips included. Great replacement dice for most games, work well as Yahtzee Replacement Dice.

Returns, if necessary, are always processed promptly. Sold as a bundle. All returns must include the complete new bundle in order to be processed.


  • Ace 100% deluxe all plastic playing cards.
  • Total of 6 decks of playing cards. 3 with Red Backing; 3 with Blue backing.
  • Standard size (3.5 x 2.5 inches) playing cards. Sometimes referred to as Poker Size as opposed to bridge width.
  • Feel, deal, fan, and shuffle superbly. Double click on images for an enlarged view.
  • Durable, long-lasting playing cards.


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